Bible Storybook

We sure have been busy in The Conservative Household lately. As we both work full-time and balance schedules, we have also taken a new focus on the spirituality of our little one. In the last month we have hosted a baptism party where friends and family gathered to celebrate the dedication of our baby girl.

This was the first children’s party we have hosted as parents and…wow. There sure is a lot to do!

biblesbOne of the associated tasks that I most enjoyed was present shopping! I wanted my daughter’s first bible to come from my husband and I. The options for bibles is vast at Family Christian and with the plentiful selection I found one!biblesb.jpg2

The Bible Storybook has been a great choice! My daughter just loves the vibrant colors of cardstock pages as we read from The Creation to Jesus is Alive. The story provides a brief summary of our favorite books in the bible.  I love the smile on her face as she hears the bible stories I remember hearing as a child.

I would love to see the same smile on your little one’s face. You can enter to win one too!!

Be sure to thank  Family Christian on their Facebook page!

Although the opinions in this post are all my own, this is a sponsor post. The sponsor offered the item in exchange for my review.



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Preventing Drug Use in Our Youth



The Conservative Mommy was  featured on The Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad Today!!!

I would like to share with you some of the tips that have helped other parents. This advice may help prevent high risk behaviors in your child.

Consider these ways of preventing high-risk behavior


Find this post on how to prevent drug use and high risk behaviors in your teen here.

Read more about teens and drug use here.


teaching labor day

Teaching Labor Day

teaching labor day   Oh, Labor day! Do you remember when school started after Labor Day? Now it is that 3 day holiday weekend that comes after only a week or so of school. Labor Day weekend is also the last major boating and beach weekend of there year. We surely celebrate this weekend with sunshine and barbeques.

Teaching Labor Day is all about how we can  teach our children the value and meaning of Labor Day in our celebrations.

What might you want your children to know about Labor Day? The U.S. Department of Labor tells us a little about this day. This day is dedicated to the workers: “…a national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

How can we teach our children the value of labor leading up to this holiday?  Remember that their traditions start with you. How can you develop Labor Day activities that Teach Labor Day?

teaching labor day legoHere are some ideas:

  1. Dream jobs. I am sure your children make-believe careers as a teacher, police officer, princess and beyond. This would be a great time to encourage their career aspirations. A younger child could be taught about the job roles of their imaginary position. Costumes could be used for this lesson or you could make paper crafts. So vamp up play time and teach your children about the labor involved their dream occupation!
  2. Teach about your job/s. If you are able to, take your little one to work with you or take this opportunity to teach your children about mommy and daddy jobs.

3. Teach good work habits. This is a great idea all year long but especially in the days leading up to Labor Day. Teach your children the values that characterize a good employee; teach punctuality by modeling punctuality, valuing the importance of being to school on time, and never be late to practice.

4. Organize a mock work day. This is a great activity as your children work towards their school year routine. Teach them what it is like to work for a day. You could arrange age appropriate chores or home school lessons or even dream job pretend assignments.

5. Labor Day Crafts. Search Labor Day crafts on Google, Pinterest, or your favorite platform. Some easy crafts could include a collage of desired occupations or draw themselves in a desired career.

6. Teach Gratitude. Above all teach your children gratitude to those that work. Help children recognize that the clean bathroom at school, cooked meal at a restaurant, and lights on in the mall are all a result of people’s labor.

Have a great celebration of workers!

Teaching Labor Day is part of The Conservative Mommy’s series on Teaching Holidays to youth. Please read other Teaching Holiday post on the holiday of your choice here.


Monday Match-up 8/24/15

mm8.24b It’s Monday Match-up time ya’ll!!! Remember to check out Monday Match-up weekly to find your deal of the week. Also, last week’s Monday Match-up is still a live deal so get your free kitty treat!

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Monday Match-up 8/17/2015

mm8.17a     Wahoo! Monday Match-up time!! Remember Monday match-up is where I will post a great deal for you! Details regarding how to get it will be provided. I will publish a new match-up every week!

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Monday Match-up 8/3/2015

   Monday match-up is where I will post a great deal for you! Details regarding how to get it will be provided. I will publish a new match-up every week!

If you would like information on getting started couponing, check out these tips.

This week’s matchup is from one of my favorite shopping spots. Shoprite in the Baltimore area doubles coupons up to $1 face value (as long as you spend $25 or more). Be sure to check with your local coupon policy.

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Happy Shopping!

The Liebster Award- New Recipients

I am excited to announce that The Conservative Mommy was nominated for the Liebster Award on June 18, 2015!!

This award is given to up and coming bloggers as a way to showcase talent.

Big thanks to My Simplified Life for the nomination! Please see the award here.

Here are the questions My Simplified Life asked:

  1. What’s your favorite meal to eat?

Chocolate is my favorite THING to eat.

My favorite meal would be…..oh, I can’t choose! I love a good pot roast but I also love food from a variety of cultures. Vietnamese food, Greek food, Cuban food, Mexican food…I want it all!

2. Cook or takeout/go out?

Cook for sure.

Unless, of course, it’s in one of the cultural food groups above! It’s best to leave it to the pros!

  1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Look at my little girl.

She normally wakes us up with what my husband and I affectionately and tiredly refer to as “the party.” A giggling, kicking, squealing event that begins every morning (and sometimes interrupts the night).

  1. Who is your favorite movie star?

Ehh. I am not good at the celebrity questions.

Really…I just don’t pay attention.

I can’t even think of the name of one I really like right now.

I’m going to skip this one simply because if I named a movie star it would be completely made-up. So, my genuine answer is “not applicable.”

  1. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

Dead or alive? I’m going to go with both; dead in His human form but alive in me. Yes, I’m talking about Jesus. I’d love to just spend moments in the presence of His human form.

This IS everyone’s answer right? I mean Jesus? The Jesus.

I’d want to sit in His presence and absorb his teaching or sit with him at a wedding and drink the wine (which was once water).

  1. Why do you blog?

I have worked with families for the past 10 years and love it.

I want to be able to be at home with my child but continue to help others.

I blog to share with parents and help families in the same way I have in my career.

  1. What do you value most in life?

Love, which is completely dynamic, complex, and layered within itself.

But true love— the kind that is genuine, trustworthy and honest. The love that is not boastful nor proud nor envious. You know—the one that is patient and kind?

I value Love.

  1. What does a normal day in your life look like?

A normal day? Do people have these? I don’t and haven’t in some time. But I do vaguely remember “normal days…”

 My days are long and end late. My days are inconsistent and are full of unexpected events. My days are never the same—never normal.

My days are full.

I am a mom.

  1. What would you do today if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

Take bigger risks. Travel more. Never hold back.

Oh my, so much! If I wouldn’t fail? Really?!

If I would not fail, I would live bolder without restrictions…which is crazy because I am pretty bold as is!

  • 10. Where was your best vacation?

My honeymoon in the Poconos is my current best.

It was so great to simply relax after such a stressful period of time. (We got married, bought a house, and I graduated with my MSW in the same year!)

And when I say relax I mean we did NOTHING (which never happens.)

We slept A LOT

and ate

and slept.


  • 11. Cat or Dog?


I have a sister… and an aunt that like animals more than people. Not me. I like people.

I like my dog and have no interest in cats…I think they must be an acquired taste like beer (which I don’t like either).



So onto the nominees! (You will want to check out these blogs!)

Here are the 11 up and coming bloggers I would like to pass the baton to (drum roll please!):

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This is how it works:


Here are your 11 questions:

1.  One thing that is often difficult to evaluate through writing is temperament. What is your temperament type?

2. What is your favorite childhood memory?

3. Who is one person who has impacted your life the most?

4.  What do you think is the best way to teach children about morals and values?

5. What is your favorite organized sport?

6. What is one thing you wish you had the guts to do but just can’t?

7.  What is your favorite thing about your home town?

8. What are your blogging goals?

9. How do you plan on meeting your blogging goals?

10.  Can you tell us a secret? Something no one knows?

11. What is your favorite post? It couldn’t be written by you OR someone else. Link us up!


Congrats to the Liebster award recipients and thanks again to Michelle from My Simplified Life!!


Addressing Baby Anxieties

Preparing to Leave Your Little One

   We recently had our first encounters with baby anxiety! My husband and I had to attend to an unforeseen family matter…fortunately his mother was in town and we had a trusted sitter available. I think it goes without saying that you should always leave your little one with someone that you trust and know well.

Unfortunately, we found out later that our baby girl was upset the entire evening. We left her again in the same week and since then and have had a much calmer baby.

Here is what we did:

  1. Ease into the departure. I have seen parents “sneak out” in order to avoid baby anxiety. Perhaps that works too… In our case, my baby girl saw us leave and was seemingly upset with the abrupt departure. Now when we leave her we ease into leaving by leaving one at a time and sitting with her while she engages with the sitter.


  1. Bring his/her things. We truly enjoy having our baby stay in our home within her comfort zone and with her things (babies have so much stuff…and it’s BIG). However, when we do leave the house I always bring a couple things that will be comfort to her like her favorite toy, blanket, and portable bed.



  1. Other kids help. My little one is an only child but I have noticed that when there is another little one she is very easily distracted and engaged in the interaction. Finding sitters with children has really helped.


  1. Find a fun sitter. Our siblings have been really great with the baby. Likewise, the baby is excited to see them and really thinks they are fun. This excitement seems to help with the fact that mom and dad are leaving.



  1. Comfort Food. Well, we are not the only ones comforted by food! I prep extra bottles and seperationanxietybabysnacks for my little one. These seem to comfort her in the absence of mommy and daddy.


  1. Start out little. It helps to leave for short periods of time and extend them little by little. This helps the baby understand that mom and dad leave but they also return. It should help to reduce worry.



  1. Do it often. One mistake my husband and I made was not leaving her with other enough. I have been a stay at home mom since she was born so she has spent very little time without us around. We are not getting into the habit of leaving her with a family member at least once a week EVEN if we don’t need a sitter. My hope is that this will ease her anxiety when away from us and help her build relationships with extended family members.
  2. Ask for a check-in. I realized that sometimes I know what will calm my little one but others may not. I have learned to ask the sitter to check-in with me if they are having trouble calming my little one. Opening this dialogue often helps relieve the baby’s anxieties.


If you have ideas for easing baby anxieties, please leave them in the comments. Have any of these tips worked for you? Please let us know about them!

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Mom's Small Victories

Loving Your Anxious Child

   This post is featured at Blu Sky Collective and discusses childhood anxiety and what can be done to help the anxious child.

Here are some suggestions.
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Liebster Award!

I am excited to announce that The Conservative Mommy was nominated for the Liebster Award on June 18, 2015!! This award is given to up and coming bloggers as a way to showcase talent. Big thanks to My Simplified Life for the nomination! Please see the award here.